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upload_url encoded twice in graphql admin_assets_presign_url

tommyooc Oct 01 2021 at 13:03


I just tried to get presign url using admin_assets_presign_url, and the path contains white space.

mutation get_assets_presign_url {
  mutation: admin_assets_presign_urls(
    paths: {
      path: "modules/admin/file white white space.jpg"
  ) {
    urls {

And this is the results

  "data": {
    "mutation": {
      "urls": [
          "path": "modules/admin/file%20white%20white%20space.jpg",
          "upload_url": "[...]",
          "access_url": ""

As we can see, the white space in upload_url is encoded twice %2520... but not in access_url.

So we will not be able to register assets using the access_url, because it will give an access denied error message.

How I can fix the issue?

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