platformOS Community

platformOS Community

At platformOS, we are passionate about creating a world where a community of global industry experts from startups to enterprise engage with each other in a co-opetition (co-operative competition).

The goal of our community site is to build an ecosystem for users across all industry verticals to help and encourage each other to build the best of breed technology solutions that change the way we live and engage with the world.

We are a community of professionals and while many of our users are developers, you can find agency owners, business strategists, product owners, marketing gurus, and many more sharing their expertise and seeking your expertise in return.

Be part of a diverse, professional, dynamic and honest community to:

  • Ask for help or advice
  • Enjoy the company of like-minded professionals
  • Meet members of the platformOS team
  • Meet platformOS partners and module creators
  • Share your experiences with pOS
  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Provide feedback and improvements to platformOS
  • Find experienced platformOS developers for your project
  • Discuss technologies and APIs you use with platformOS
  • Have fun

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