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Everything you need to know about using pOS Community

What is upvote and how to use it If you find a question or answer interesting and you think that it adds value to the conversation, you can signal your interest or approval by upvoting it. You can upvote questions and answers separately. Answers that get the most votes appear first. Upvote is always a somewhat subjective category, but here are our recommendations:
  • Upvote a question if you feel it is particularly useful, for example because you have also encountered a similar issue. You can also praise a question for identifying a problem very clearly.
  • Upvote an answer if you think it provides a useful explanation for the question. We suggest upvoting answers that have one or more of the following qualities:
    • Precise
    • Detailed
    • Educative
    • Well-written
How to post questions? Anyone can see the questions and answers posted by community members, but for posting a question or answering one, you need to register first. All we want from you is a valid email address, a password, and a username.
How to ask a good question?
  • Search first - it is possible that someone else has already encountered the same or similar problem
  • Summarize your issue in one sentence in the title. Include keywords that differentiate your question from similar ones on the site.
  • Use the Description for details
    • Give context to your question: it might be useful if you explain how you encountered the problem you’re trying to solve and what prevented you from solving it
    • Include code if necessary
  • Include all relevant tags
  • Proofread before posting
  • Respond to comments:
    • if you missed an important piece of information edit your question to make sure you get useful answers
    • Try out the suggestions and share the outcome
How to use the editor? With the editor you can format content by selecting it then clicking the appropriate formatting options in the toolbar. Here’s a summary of what you can do.
What to do if I didn't get an answer to an urgent question? We have community members all over the timezones; someone might be busy typing you an answer while you are asleep. But if you are really tight with time send an email to
Found a bug. How do I report it? Send email to
Found a security vulnerability. How do I report it? Send email to
How to report spam? Send email to
How to delete my account? Send email to
Is there a suggested style guide Please check our Code of Conduct, and here’s a quick checklist.
  • Use inclusive and welcoming language
  • Refer to people by the preferred pronoun and be gender neutral when in doubt
  • Be open minded when getting and respectful when giving constructive criticism
  • Focus on what is best for the community