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How do we handle spf records on staging sites?

Adam Cook Feb 05 2021 at 14:50

I hope the answer isn't that we can't do it at all. Email deliverability is something that I'd like to solve on staging as much as possible.

Adam Feb 05 2021 at 17:13

The creation and management of the SPF and DKIM records on staging instances is done by the platformOS support team ( ).

As staging is a free environment, we lock down by default the sending of email and sms alerts, except for your designated support email for the staging test emails, noted here:

Because Staging sites do not allow a vanity URL / custom domain name, you don't have access to the DNS records to add SPF as you do on production sites (noted here: )

@AdamC - is there specific SPF / DKIM text records that you think need to be added to the Staging DNS record?
We can review and then add new defaults if they do not open us up to become a free SPAM email relay.

  • Adam Cook Feb 05 2021 at 18:37
    Thanks. Since we have a lot of emails from staging that end up in spam, I wanted to make sure these measures were either already taken automatically or I could do them myself.
Adam Cook Feb 10 2021 at 02:45

It looks like there is currently no way to manage dns records on staging environments. Even support can't do it right now. But JJ has submitted a ticket, and it sounds like this will be worked on.

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