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Feature request: metadata in partial accessable via context

Rich - One Orange Cow Apr 15 2021 at 07:46

I am setting values with my partials (labels etc) in metadata, this is working greatly. But I cannot access the metadata of a partial from {{context}} . I can get the page, form and layout metadata but not partials... would love to be able for the page to do self reflection and know what partials are included etc.

Adam Cook Apr 26 2021 at 13:28

Just a stab in the dark here, but from your description it sounds like translations might be a better tool. Maybe??

  • Rich - One Orange Cow May 03 2021 at 06:05
    I want a page to know what it is made from by detecting the meta, so when you load a page you know what parts it is made from (can do this currently with forms for example), think admin tool :) Also currently translations are not editable via mutations or liquid so it would make editting hard for GUI users.
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