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Feature request: Coding layer that executes before liquid

Adam Cook Mar 16 2021 at 19:57

Having a pre-liquid coding environment would be awesome for many reasons.

I see two primary uses:

  1. outputting globals in a highly performant way.
  2. responding to api calls that don't require rendering (json responses, etc)

Server-side, I think it should essentially be a function that outputs a globals object, similar to context. Except this could be called...wait for it...globals! I'm assuming it will need access to context though. Otherwise, it would be a little out of touch.

Adam Mar 16 2021 at 20:06

This is tied to our upgrade allowing instances to have their own dedicated server allocations similar to Heroku Dynos.

We want to give you granular control over this to execute isolated code without impacting any other instance.

This way whether it's performant or non-performant, You will have control to execute server-side processing pre-liquid, and pay as you need.

It's a significant DevOps initiative that is in the works.

  • Adam Cook Mar 16 2021 at 22:10
    I think that sounds great. I think this would be the little brother to that, though. I'm not thinking of a fully functional coding environment where we can do whatever we want. Just a layer intended to give us a pre-liquid chance to get our globals together. This would be a great feature to make available to all partners, not just those paying for add-ons.
  • Rich - One Orange Cow Mar 17 2021 at 10:10
    @adam What is the timeframe do you think?
  • Adam Mar 19 2021 at 16:15
    It's an active project and we have a devops and security expert working on big updates to the existing Stack - the biggest complication is supporting Multi-cloud and adjusting for nuances between AWS, GCP and Azure. I would say Q3 we will have something ready for beta testers. (You'II be on the list)
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