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Community site integration with Channel Partner offerings

Ursh Dec 19 2020 at 01:06

Love love love the community platform!

I know that what is developed on pOS is able to then be integrated into channel partner offerings such as siteglide, and also that this tends to take some integration (not sure if integration is the right word, but still ...)

The real question I think I'm asking is how soon will this be available to platforms built on top of pOS. Is that a question your end, or does it depend on the channel partner?

The second quesiton relates to cost and data implications - if I understood the answer it might be 'depends' on some choices made about how the communications are handled server side?

Hope these questions makes sense - coming from a limited undestanding here.

  • Adam Dec 21 2020 at 16:25
    Colin Frost will have details on this :)
Frosty Dec 23 2020 at 03:57

Regarding how soon community elements might be incorporated into the Siteglide offering, yes, this is a question for the SG team as they consider their development pipeline.

Regarding the hostings costs to be levied by SG, the community groups and messaging features result in what platformOS classify as a 'multi sided marketplace' and will therefore attract our Marketplace hosting. The fee structure will be worked out between pOS and SG (in lieu of our strategic partnership) closer to the time that the community option is brought to market by SG. (As an indication though, the current entry level marketplace hosting charged by pOS is US$250 pm)

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