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Billable DB Objects?

Rich - One Orange Cow Apr 16 2021 at 01:35

Doing billing on my end, what are considered DB objects that count toward your total DB object count (and ultimately what is billed)?

Does it include literally everything or just the records model for example? Are forms, pages, partials, constants, assets etc. all counted since they also have database records?

For example:
Production 25 has 8000 DB objects

Lets say I have 20 pages, 20 partials, 100 assets

Using this query

    {%- graphql records -%}
        records(per_page: 1) {
    {% endgraphql %}

It tells me I have 1,000 total entries

Have I used 1,000 of my 8,000 or have I used 1,140 (counting pages, partials, assets).... or something totally different?

Dean Apr 16 2021 at 10:39


Pages and partials are files on the site, so do not count as DB objects.

From memory, DB objects are anything in records + users + custom user profile types (every time they are applied to a user, not the profile itself)

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