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Are there any admin tools available for the community managers?

Yuri Jan 14 2021 at 09:05

Community owners and managers are there to engage and grow the community.
What tools do you offer already for the admins? How do you access the admin in the instance?
Some features that might be relevant:

  1. Ability to see all the community members and send welcome messages, or send engagement messages to bring them back to review trending questions, posts or relevant questions to them
  2. Invite new members to join the community by adding their emails and sending invite messages, generate invite link to invite to join the community.
  3. View and answer the unanswered questions, tag relevant community members to invite them to answer (it could be by mentioning their email or if they have account then their nickname/name)
  4. See retention/engage of users - when they logged in last time, how often do they visit, how many questions they answered and the quality
  5. Flag inappropriate questions, answers and delete (it would be valuable to have flagging for community members as well)
  6. Ban users from spamming with questions, answers that are not relevant
  7. There might be value for leader board for the community to see the most engaged members and badges

What other admin tools do you already have? What are you planning to add? Other admin features

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